Google Advertising
Google Advertising

More Economical
  Qualified Sales Leads
Reach Targeted Audience
  World Wide Reach
Faster Promotion
Works in Background 24x7

google advertising


This is part of Internet marketing. Internet marketing is also known as Digital or Online marketing. Google advertising is also called Search Engine marketing ( SEM ) or Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing in general.  It is most economical and popular way of reaching to potential customers. Google being the most popular search engine, we help you in launching/re launching advertising campaigns on Google search and Google display network for your products or services. 

   How It Works

In this service,  we research your industry and study competitor's web sites for popular keywords and content. Then we design advertising campaign,  copywrite your ads and set up background logic. Many times we suggest suitable changes in your web site to make it more relevant. When potential customer search on Google for type of service/product you provide, your advertisement is displayed to him. If he is attracted by your ad, he may click it to know more. After clicking your advertisement, customer is driven to your website.  While going through your web site, if he is convinced about your services/product, he may contact you. You need to pay only when potential customer clicks on your advertisement.  The cost of per click may vary between Rs 20 to 200 approximately and to be paid to Google directly by  you.

With our expertise, we will help you 

  • To maximize your reach to potential customers
  • To minimize cost of one click
  • To ensure only interested customers clicks your advertisement
  • To reduce cost of your sales & marketing activities in totality.
  • To review Ad performance report monthly.
In short, Our skills will help you in getting more customers  in minimum cost through Google Advertising.


  • Economical : It helps you to reduce your cost of sales & marketing  with respect to your traditional marketing. Can you imagine,  spending Rs. 20 to 200 for getting a qualifies lead ( A qualified lead means customer interested in type of services/product you offer )
  • Qualified Leads : Your sales funnel directly starts with qualified leads i.e. customer who is interested in your services / product, contacts you.
  • No Efforts For You :  This advertising  works in background 24 x 7. You do not need to put any daily efforts. 
  • Awareness of your services/products : Though some Potential customers may not click your advertisement. Still they get to know about your product / services.  It increases your presence in the market without any cost.
  • Extended Reach : Your advertisement can reach to potential customers in your city, state, nation or whole world.
  • Faster Promotion : You can promote your product/services very quickly.

   Free Visitor's Statistics

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We will provide you, insight into how visitors browse your site. A value addition to your sales measurement. Free of charge.  The information is in graphs and charts and includes info like
  • Which pages of your site are performing well
  • On which pages visitor spend more time.
  • Country/ State/City  wise visitors statistics
  • New & returning visitors. Frequency of visits and time spent.
  • Visitors flow in terms of pages
  • Sources of visits
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