Microsoft Project Server

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The Microsoft Enterprise Project Management ( EPM ) Solution is ideal for organizations that need strong coordination and standardization between projects and project managers, centralized resource management, higher-level reporting and analysis features. It is based on collaborative platform called Microsoft SharePoint.

Using MS EPM organization can gain visibility, insight and control its portfolio of projects, as well as improve productivity, reduce cycle times, decrease costs and increase quality. We provide services like ...

MS Project Server Implementation


  • Our unique EPM implementation strategy
    • Staggers your investment in solution. No huge capital investment.
    • Enables you to realise phased wise ROI and then invest further
    • Builds stage wise confidence in solution and implementation partner both.
    • Provides you a option  to halt or exit implementation
  • Recommendation on infrastructure for Microsoft EPM
  • Business requirement analysis
  • Installation & configuration
  • Training to project managers, team members and management staff
  • Project portfolio management
  • Administration of MS Project Server
  • Hand-holding for projects management
  • Customised reports

MS Project Server Support


  • EPM Server Administration including
    • Maintaining user’s profile
    • Defining custom fields
    • Modifying Views
    • Cleaning project database
    • Backup and restore
    • Managing Queues
    • Configuring OLAP cube
    • Editing Alerts
    • Troubleshooting with Active Directory (AD), Email server
    • Other Troubleshooting
  • Support through email, remote control and periodical visits

MS Project Server Customisation


  • Integration with your Accounting / ERP / CRM package e.g. SAP.
  • SharePoint Dashboards
  • Process governing workflows e.g. Risk Assessment process
  • Customised Views, templates & reports
  • Custom Alerts & notifications
  • Configuring role based access permissions

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