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Many organisations do not wish to employ separate IT resource (employee) for supporting project management activities. Training and re-training their own staff for IT technology becomes headache and unproductive overhead.  Some organisations even can not utilise rich functionalities of MS Project due to lack of expert skills and end-up in under utilising their software assets.  These organisations can outsource IT support activities from RITE systems . Functional project managers can concentrate on their core project management activities rather than every time diverting their attention in learning new IT skills.


 Outsourced PMO

RITE Systems can provide complete IT support to project management / scheduling activities.

Organisation do not need to buy software licenses, to conduct periodical trainings and  to employ dedicated IT staff member. Also their functional Project manager/PPC staff need not waste their time for learning IT skills. 

  • Acting as Back office PMO / PPC department
  • Provide periodical MIS reports to concerned management staff
  • MIS report can be made accessible 24 x 7 on mobile
  • Alert customer’s management on exceptional events
  • Helping customer to monitor and control projects / delivery schedules without eleventh hour surprises

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Project Management On Contract

This service is suitable for organisations  who do not have Project Manager trained in project management methodologies and tools and can not employ the same on permanent basis.

  • Our Project manager can be available on contract or temporary or part time basis.
  • Our professional project manager can independently manage projects in some verticals. Also can support to project heads if projects belongs to specialised vertical.
  • Organisations can benefit from latest methodologies such as PMP, PRINCE2, Agile and Scrum etc.
  • Methodologies are tailored to suit organisation’s requirements and culture.
  • Organisation can benefit from impartial third party reporting about project and eliminate internal biased and vested interest.
  • Organisation can eliminate cost associated with periodic training of in-house resources.
  • No need to get trained in MS Project or any Project Management software.

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