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Project oriented organisations or manufacturing / service oriented companies who are into 'Make to Order' business need to treat every order as a new project. Delivering consistent successful results across large number orders (projects) needs some additional project management (PM) skills and setup apart from their own technical expertise.


Invariably a team is formed of senior and experienced project managers and is called as Planning Office or Project Office. But often management concerns are not getting addressed by these internal departments. The typical challenges faced by companies are 

  • Project managers not able to address management requirements. Planners may able to understand business requirements but not able to map the same into PM system.
  • Selection of suitable PM methodology and practices : Over the years many project management methodologies and practices have evolved catering to various business processes. Organisations particularly in SMB segment are not able to select the suitable methodology or not aware about the latest trend in Project Management.
  • Selection of PM system or Tool : Like PM methodologies, many software tools have been developed for project management. But project heads are unable to select a suitable tool.
  • Improper scheduling practices by inexperienced project managers.
  • Unsuitable MIS report formats.
  • Time consumed in compiling reports.
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Solution / Services

PM Mentoring
With our vast experience in project management, we help you to set up or establish a Project Management Office (PMO)/ Planning Department / Project Department , a centre of excellence, that ensures a consistent approach to project management throughout the organization, which leads to improved project performance and significant business benefits. It can include following one or more services.
  • Health Checkup : Independent PMO assessment helps you  to compare your PMO efficiency with standard or other organisations.
  • PM Maturity : Assessing  competency, capability and maturity of people, processes and practices.
  • Road map : Suggesting improvement plans and setting road map for maturity in project management.
  • Methodologies & Processes : Developing project management methodologies, processes suitable for your organisation.
  • System : Selecting, implementing and maintaining software tools / system which supports project management processes.
  • Standards : Set or Enhance project management standards and provide metrics to measure performance against standards.
  • Reporting : Suggesting and designing reporting, metrics and analysis which will help you in operational,  tactical and strategic decision making.
  • Training : Imparting training which provide individuals skill, knowledge and competencies needed to implement modern project management processes and practices.
  • KM System : Establishing Knowledge management system which elevates fundamental communications in the project management environment to the conveyance of ideas, perceptions, experiences and interpretations of information.
  • Team Mentoring : Facilitating  team development by establishing the procedures that help form project teams and that help govern their development and performance.

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