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Some times, MS Project or PMP training may not be sufficient for organisations in project ( or Make-to-Order) business to achieve their business objectives. Project planning team may need continuous mentoring and help in mapping their business requirements in MS Project or project management methodologies. This service, by leading MS Project Consultant, exactly delivers the same thing and put organisation to the next level of project management information system maturity. 


Make-to-Order (project) businesses typically face following challenges even after undergoing training. 
  • Monitoring timeline of order deliveries promised to customer
  • Scheduling or rescheduling stages/activities according to changing priorities.
  • Ensuring that existing resources (manpower, machines, tools, space etc) are utilized and determine the optimum quantity of resources required.
  • Ensuring that resources are not overloaded, even in near future, so that activities are completed in planned duration.
  • Communicating critical events like receipt of critical materials, various approvals, Change orders, readiness of products to respective project stakeholders thereby reducing waiting time or WIP.
  • Continuously monitoring and controlling project cost as per estimates.
  • Reporting project status/progress to project stakeholders to enable them to take tactical decisions.
  • Generating timely MIS reports to enable management to take strategic decisions.
  • In spite having MS Project skills, in-house project manager is not able to satisfy management requirements.
  • and many more ...
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project management system platform
  • Strong Platform : System built on MS Project, Excel, Outlook, PMP, Kanban and vast experience. All rugged and proven platforms.
  • Choice : Features/Services can be selected according to your requirements, convenience, urgency and budget.
  • Matured : Variety of reports developed on real experience.
  • Cost effective : No upfront investment in costly hardware and software.
  • Customisable according to your industry’s unique requirements.
  • No dependency : Your project management performance will not depend on limited knowledge of your employees and their existence in your organization.

Maturity Levels

Features/ Maturity Levels can be selected by you as per your requirements, convenience, urgency and budget. Following features are designed based on our vast experience of managing Project Management Systems of project based organizations across many industries and different sizes. 

PM maturity level

Standard Reports

  • Reports are available to all project stakeholders
  • Users can modify the report format to some extent. The same will be visible for him only.
  • Reports are customisable.

Custom Reports / Calculations

Some organizations require reports which are customised to their own industry. Or some management executives are habitual to see the reports in their own format. Such reports are not available readily in MS Project software. We develop such reports  either in MS Project software or in EXCEL ( by exporting data from project schedule ). We also add value to those reports and make them more meaningful. Our customers are now generating their reports on click of a button thus saving their time and man power.  

We have also provided a facility ( macros ) in MS Project schedule, to some customers, to calculate construction / engineering related calculations e.g. estimating Cement, Steel requirements for given area. Estimating duration of activities / project for given specifications etc.


  • Cost effective Monthly fees. Ensures savings in IT hardware and software licenses apart from huge savings in project cost.
  • Guaranteed results. Due to vast experience as Microsoft Project Consultant, innovative project planning steps / process and reporting can be implemented. If guidelines are followed and system is sincerely used, organisation can achieve business objectives.

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