Project Online

Project Online

Microsoft has introduced a flexible online solution for project portfolio management (PPM) and project related work. The solution is cloud based and delivered through Office 365. Project Online provides project management capabilities for planning, prioritizing, and managing projects and project portfolio investments — from almost anywhere on almost any device. Project Online can be used by administrators, portfolio managers and viewers, project and resource managers, and team leads and members.

We provide Project Online training and implementation support services.

Project Online Training


  • The training is in two streams. Administrators and Project managers. Administrators are responsible for configuration and day-to-day maintenance of Project Online while project managers need to understand how to make use of all features provided in the system.
  • Classroom. Face to face with trainer. PowerPoint presentation with screen shots and video clips. 
  • Industry expert trainer / coach with 25 years of experience including MS Project server. 
  • Theory, practical and practice on industry scenarios. Tips & tricks. 
  • Explanation of project management concepts and terminology with examples. 
  • Ample opportunity for question and answers. 
  • Training presentation hand-outs ( Print-out ) 
  • Command reference document in PDF 
  • Assessment test and course certificate. 
  • Only for corporate. Arranged on customer site.

Course Content

For Administrator

  • Access
    • Setting access
  • Security
    • Project Security Model
    • Permission Modes
    • Security Templates
    • Security Categories
    • Groups & Users
    • PWA Permissions
    • Delegates
  • Working with enterprise custom fields and lookup tables
    • Custom Fields & Lookup tables
    • Departments
    • Resource Breakdown Structure
    • Enterprise Global
    • Enterprise Calendars
    • Creating new Resources
  • Managing enterprise objects
    • Objects
    • Check-in, Check-out
    • Queue
  • Managing views
    • Views
    • Grouping formats
    • Gantt chart formats
    • Quick Launch
  • Time and Task settings
    • Fiscal Periods
    • Time Reporting periods
    • Timesheet settings
    • Admin time
    • Task settings
    • Timesheet managers
  • Operational policies
    • Additional Server Settings 
    • Active Directory Sync
    • Connected SharePoint sites 
  • Day-to-Day Support 
    • Force Check-in Enterprise Objects
    • Delete Enterprise Objects
    • Delete Resource and Users
    • Manage Queue Jobs
    • Changing or Restarting Workflow
    • Daily Backup Schedule
    • Backup Manually
    • Restoring Backup

For Project Manager

  • Connecting to Project Web App ( PWA )
    • Accessing PWA
    • Connecting with MSP Pro
  • Introduction to PWA
    • Project center
    • Enterprise Project Template
    • Task list
    • Resource center
    • Task and Timesheet
    • Intro to Business Intelligent Center
    • Security
  • Creating a project
    • create new project
    • create new Task list project
  • Working with Resources
    • Creating resource assignments
    • Creating resource plan
  • Working with the PWA schedule
    • PWA and schedule
    • Publishing schedule
    • working with project site
  • Working with Task and Timesheets
    • Working with tasks - review and status tasks
    • Approving tasks status updates
    • Entering Timesheet
    • Approving Timesheet
  • Additional PWA Features
    • Adding tasks list in visibility mode
    • Enterprise features of task list
    • Forcing check-in for a project
    • Using BI
    • Connecting list to Outlook
  • Status Report
    • Request a report
    • create a report
    • View report
  • Notifications and Alerts
    • Personal notifications
    • For your resources
    • Manage your resources notifications
  • SharePoint and Project Sites
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Project Online Implementation Partner

The Project Online needs to be mapped with your business and configured to suit your business and project management requirements. With our mature approach we ensure that you get maximum benefits from this versatile solution.  


    • System study and Requirement Analysis of customer business
    • Configuration of Project Online
    • Training to Administrators and Project managers
    • Custom System manual
    • Designing schedule Templates, Reports & Views
    • Support in importing existing schedules and other information
    • Support in generating and interpreting reports
    • Support in administration of system
    • Support through email, telephone, visits and remote access

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